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About us
Our systems and processes are designed and structured with the focus on students being able to reproduce the language effectively and efficiently. Our aim is to build the linguistic skill set of each of our students so that they will have the confidence to approach each encounter with the language with a passion and love that they never before assumed possible.
We do believe that "you are never too old to learn" and if you have the ambition and are willing to make the sacrifice and put in the time required to learn, then we will be there with you to go through each step of the process to get you over each hurdle and to remove each obstacle that you will undoubtedly encounter along your path to the higher levels and proficiencies of speaking a foreign tongue.
We are passionate about our approach and it shows in the quality of our lessons and the planning that goes into each and every single one. We come with our game face on every time and you the student will leave the lesson knowing that you got what you bargained for. The lessons are not designed to be easy but that is what you are paying for so get ready. We are a small owner operated company not a large multinational, so our primary objective is directed towards the tuition and teaching side and not about marketing with fancy slogans, gimmicks and flashy offices.
Our courses
Speak English with native speakers
Improve your pronunciation and lose your accent by having the benefit of having your speech drilled and corrected by experienced native speakers who can instantly recognize when mistakes pop up.
Intensive "English with native" Skype lessons.
Skype our English teachers from the comfort of your own home and learn at your own pace as our Native English teacher takes you through the carefully guided and meticulously planned lesson step by step.
German for English speakers – Skype lessons.
Planning a career move in Germany but too busy with your career to travel to or even search for lessons locally? Not a problem. Contact us for a free assessment of your current level and let us tailor an approach to suit your individual needs.
Russian for English speakers – Skype lessons.
Want to learn Russian for work or for your own reasons? Perhaps you are planning a trip to Ukraine to meet that special someone. Learn some Russian to make a good impression. It will make your trip all the more worthwhile. On line Skype, lessons could give you the advantage of cutting out all of that unnecessary travelling time locally.
Course for specific purposes (business, medical, catering, academic writing)
Want to pick up some phrases for your specific industry to help give you the edge to get ahead. Proper pronunciation and efficient delivery of phrases and idioms, that you may not yet even know exist, could be just the thing you need to get people to take you a lot more seriously in your professional endeavors.
Business German to suit your level.
Planning a move to live and work in Frankfurt or Berlin. The Germans demand the cream of the crop. Whether you are brushing up on the language or starting from a complete zero, here at Lingua Effect we have the skills and expertise to get you ready to advance.
Lessons with a
native speaker
Lessons with native speaker | Video course with native speake
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Individual lessons
Skype lessons for English speaking students:
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180 GBP/200EU
20 lessons
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10 lessons
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